Snobist 2010

I really don't know why I always make goofy expressions when the camera is pointed at me. It just happens naturally what can I say. A few photographers, models, and a makeup artist rented a house in Government Camp Oregon for a weekend in late April. We were planning to shoot in the snow but it was too late in the snow season there was hardly any snow on the ground. Instead we got rained on and soaked. We made the best of it though and it was one of the most memorable weekends of shooting. We used our cars to scout out for shoot locations off of Hwy 26 and Hwy 35. We found that Hwy 35 has tunnels that run under the highway to provide a path for snow melt water to get across the highway. John and I found this tunnel which I think is the White River, a tributary of the Deschutes River. John and Ben had some great ideas of how to light this scene and I threw in my 2 cents. The three of us shot this scene and came out with some awesome captures. We went back to the same location the next morning with more photographers and a different model. The cool thing about the next morning was the makeup artist Jesse and some photographers made the model's dress from a plastic garment bag and trash bag.
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