Shooting Holly


I recently purchased the Fuji Instax 210 Instant Film Camera and decided to give it a go on a test shoot. The camera fires the on-camera flash on every shot, and there is no PC port to connect an off camera trigger or strobe. So basically you just need to flag off the camera’s light so it doesn’t hit your subject, and at the same time direct that same camera flash to a strobe in slave mode. It is a little tricky and limiting but you do essencially get a single off camera light source for your picture. You see how I accomplished the triggering in one of the behind the scene setup shot. In my right hand is a white envelop that blocks the light hitting the model and at the same time reflects the light to the slaved Bowens strobe just to camera right. I kept the Bowens strobe about 4-5 feet away from my subject at the lowest power setting, this gave me generally what I needed all afternoon.

Thanks for the behind the scenes photos.
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