Shooting Ree

_MG_9106_raw_crop_noise_heal_db_contrast_efex_lcdsharpree setup
Less is more... that was my initial thought when I first met Ree and her unique style. I pictured in my head a simple shot with a clean background, simple but elegant wardrobe to show off her physique, and muted tones for post processing. These images are a result of the pictures I had envisioned in my head. One thing for sure is that very short hair makes shooting in the wind a breeze. I found a cliff on Diamond Head that gave me a clean background of sky as well as the Pacific Ocean. I find that hair can be used to give shape to a face and an added dimension. So what do you do when you have no hair? My initial shots seemed empty around Ree’s head, then quickly learned that I had to create poses and framing in-camera to get interesting compositions. I found a scarf at a Portland women’s boutique store that worked for a revealing top. One tip that I learned from the shoot is when you do location shoots bring something the model can rest her knees on. Ree was kneeling on a concrete wall for nearly two hours, luckly we were in Hawaii and I had my flip-flops she could put under her knees.
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