Shooting Brittanee

IMG_4022image5 IMG_4023image6
Sometimes you just get lucky, real lucky. I found a private residence in Jacksonville Oregon with a cool looking bus in the driveway. I poked my head into the huge garage and began chatting with the owner, who by chance loves to restore cars and collects antiques. I told him I’m a photographer just passing by, and he offer me to shoot around his residence. I jumped all over that offer. Brittanee and I found four locations around the residence and the final shots are in the Urban Odyssey gallery of this website. The bus shot is my favorite because of the difficult lighting scheme it took to pull it off. I had one speedlight gelled yellow and sat it on the bus floor pointing up. I ended up using a straight reflector on a studio head pointed tight on Brittanee’s face. The gas pump shot was fun too. I used a softbox just to the left of the camera frame, and a speedlight behind Brittanee to give her a rim light on her arm and hair. Thanks to Chris and Steffanie for letting me invade your home.
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