Shooting in the Scamp

setup1_dahliamae (1)setup2_dahliamae (1)setup3_dahliamaesetup4_dahliamaedahliamae_by_ShutterCraze

Photographers know what happens when you get a subject close to a lot of light shining from behind the subject. Things can get unpredictable though when you add other elements, in this case cellophane and glass AND get into close quarters. Friends and I got together again this weekend for a BBQ and phoot shoot, two of my favorite summer events all in one. Ben M. has a Scamp trailer thingy and people were shooting from inside the Scamp but I wanted to do something different. I decided to shoot the model from outside-looking-in perspective and decided to try to blow out the interior of the Scamp. The setup shots above tell the story of my build up before putting the model into place. I really didn’t expect the cool textures on the model’s skin from the Scamp’s glass window. Who knows if the cellophane made any effect with that much light bouncing around in a tight place. In the end I liked the look I saw in-camera and shot a few poses I directed through the glass window.

Thanks Jesse B. and Ben M. for the styling, Thanks Randy K. for the use of your speedlight.

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