Sofia's studio shoot

Give a Model a roll of gaffer tape and you never know what could happen... It was an awesome night collaborating with some photographer buddies of mine and two models this evening in the studio. The goal of the night was to experiment with different lighting schemes and the shot above was my favorite of the night. I had never used my Bowens monolights without any modifier on it, in other words bare bulb not even the standard reflector. That was the idea Metakephoto (photographer buddy) suggested to try with my monolights that I had already setup pointing to the white seamless. This effect threw light both on the background and provided a nice rim light on the Model. The front of the Model was a little dark so Pipography (another photographer buddy) and I boomed a Bowens monolight with a 2’x3’ softbox front and center of the Model. The black Westcott muslin backdrops on the ground was intentionally laid there to make sure no light from the floor bounce back up from the floor onto the Model. Metering the scene was tricky because light of coming from everywhere. I got f9 from the key light up front, and the shoulders metered about f8 with the Sekonic L358. The subtle blur was done in post.
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