Shooting Kelly as the cavewoman


No matter how much you prepare for shooting in the snow something will surprise you. One tip I learned from the trip to SkiBowl is to save the bacon grease from breakfast because it makes the best Caveman/Cavewoman torch fuel. That sucker burned bright for at least 20 minutes and minus a smelly gas odor. The concept was a Cavewoman and to make it complete my photography buddies and I spent an hour digging a snow cave.

Now how to light it. Although it was still daylight outside in my head I wanted a night looking scene. I setup my Bowens monolight camera left with a tight grid and barn doors to control the light on the snow bank. The Bowens monolight was about 15 feet away from the model. The second light as you can see is a gelled speedlight probably at 1/4 power or so illuminating the snow cave interior. That was it. And the nice surprise was it started snowing again when I capture the series.
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