Shooting Kelvin

I was in the moody mood today, that is to shoot a moody scene. I seldom use very large soft light, my lighting setups are usually more restrictive or contrasty. But today I wanted to break out of the norm and try using a very large light source. My good photographer buddy Ben Mund has a crazy big softbox that is something like 4 feet by 6 feet or maybe even larger. I set the softbox up high overhead above the model. Then I added a second light with a 12 inch reflector that had a diffuser and tight grid on it. See the setup shots below for a better idea. The overhead softbox provided a nice fill light on the cap, ear, and neck area while I was still able to get my usual edgier light on the face. With the two lights combined I was able to create a moody scene with a huge soft light and my usual contrasty light source. My model is my good friend Kelvin who was just in the neigbourhood and volunteered to be my test subject.

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