Shooting Steampunk


I had the opportunity to shoot at a truck museum in Keizer Oregon. I found this interesting huge hunk of metal in the middle of the museum grounds. I think it is an old aperture for a power generator of some sort. I try to find interesting backgrounds and this machinery worked perfect since the concept was a Steampunk type genre.

I started to work the lighting on the machine first by lighting the front with one gelled speed light, then another gelled speed light behind the machine. I ended up using a second gelled speedlight behind the machine to get more coverage between the cracks of the aperture. I used a total of three speedlights on the background alone. Probably the hardest part of making this image was getting the speedlights positioned just right to give it an interesting look and good coverage. The setup pictures show the building of the background without light on the model. The light on the model was made by crossing two moonlights with straight reflectors, one light camera right and one light camera left but behind the model. The other effect I wanted to try was to add motion by dragging the shutter and zooming the lens during the 1/25th exposure. Oh and it started pouring rain when the series of exposures started and that was again a nice added effect.
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