Shooting Lauren in the sewer

lauren setup1lauren setup2

I had the opportunity to shoot Lauren in the bowels of a sewer. Well not a real sewer but rather in a halloween haunted house. The problem of shooting in these haunts are the VERY tight spaces and the lack of ambient light. I wanted to pack light not my usual armada of strobes. I brought just one Bowens moonlight on a C-stand and a couple speed lights. But really my method to the madness was using grids and a barn door to control the scene. From the setup shots above the light on Lauren is a single moonlight with a grid and barn door. The monolight with grid was already tight but adding the barn door gives the flexibility to further dial it in on either or all sides. The background was lit by gelling two speed lights and raking the back wall to my liking. Oh the light on the C-stand is a flashlight for auto focus assist, a must especially in a haunted house.

Thanks Ben Z Mund for your assistance.
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