Juls afloat Willamette River

My friend Juls is an aspiring fitness model and she was willing to work with me to add to her portfolio. I wanted to do something really dramatic outdoors but also to show off her powerful physique. I had attended a PDX Strobist meetup and invited Juls to join me on the Willamette River. I came up with the idea of having Juls float on water but didn’t know how I could get that illusion easily. I ended up bringing two old dinner tray tables, the kind that grandma had serve on when I was a little boy. I sunk the two tables side by side and just below the water line. BINGO, SHAZAM! The water was extremely cold and Juls went purple after 15 minutes when we called it quits. The behind the scene shot shows me on my belly in the sand, and two assistants holding softboxes to the left and right of Juls. Thanks Juls for braving the cold, thanks Luke Olsen for the behind the scene shot.
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