Shooting Kennewick orchard.

I had a great opprotunity to photograph Marilyn in a Kennewick Washington orchard. We originally had the idea of putting the chair in a field using the golden rolling hills of Kennewick as a backdrop. So we drove around the area looking for a hill and came upon an old man’s orchard. We asked permission to shoot in the orchard and after 10 minutes of coaxing the old fella we got our thumbs up. I stuck the chair in the orchard and viewed scene through my viewfinder and found this more interesting than our original plan. I liked how the trees led the background away from the subject up front. I went with my beauty dish front and center, with stripbox on the ground for fill light. The tricky part of this shot was to get the ratios between the two lights just right so it looked more like natural light. A slight gust of wind blew Marilyn’s hair just enough to give the photo some feel of motion. Thanks to Danny for driving this crazy chair around town for us.
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